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The Faculty is continually developing!

The UP Medical School is characterised by dynamic renewal, where education and research take place in an inspiring environment where innovation meets vivid student life.

AOK building story

The new theoretical and education block

The new flagship of the University of Pécs Medical School is the 12.000 square metres new education and research block that was handed over in the beginning of September 2021. The building boosts the most modern technological advances, environmentally friendly design and renewable energy sources, supplying students, educators and researchers with higher quality theoretical and clinical
education environment.

Campus Cooperationis

The University of Pécs Medical School and Minusplus architecture design office have created Campus Cooperationis in 2020: it is the study of the architectural future of the campus, which is not concrete plans, but a personalised arsenal of equipment, promoting conversation and decision-making in developments.

Campus Cooperationis - book cover Campus Cooperationis art
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POTE Pillars

PotePillars is the strategic plan of the University of Pécs Medical School, determining and supporting
the development directions of the coming years. It has four main pillars: Learning Culture Concept, Infrastructure Concept, Science and Innovation Concept, Well-Being Concept.

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